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Why the best copywriting ideas work so well

February 1, 2019

Marketing is all about innovative, new ideas. For a copywriter, there’s nothing better than variety and getting involved in interesting new projects. Those projects that help a company target its audience in a revolutionary way.

I was recently fortunate enough to work on such a project. I was hired by an international company that produces radio control systems to write a children’s book that would appeal to the children of their customers. The book was due to be introduced at a key customer event.

It is the most creative, innovative and interesting project I have ever been involved in. My role was to interpret a storyline and illustrations, conducting research into the company and bringing the story to life for children aged 4 to 8 years old. By appealing to their imagination with the right language and tone, I opened up a new world for them, helping them to realise how radio control systems are used.

I was the author and proof-reader of the book, liaising closely with my client for the first time. The finished, printed book was extremely well-received by its audience – both the company’s customer and their children.

An original idea that was well executed – it’s a great example of how the best copywriting or content writing ideas can work so well.

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