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Top 10 copywriting tips for your LinkedIn profile

July 27, 2018


LinkedIn is an excellent on-line networking tool for businesses and job seekers. However, you are limiting yourself on LinkedIn if you don’t understand how to write a great profile that will make you stand out. The top tips for profile writing and communication via LinkedIn are:

  1. Make sure that your headline is punchy and reflects what you do, career ambitions and most importantly, why people should want to contact you or have you in their professional network.
  2. The summary section should be concise and focus on your main strengths whilst encouraging contact. Too many people use this section as a chance to show how fabulous they are but they forget the main point – how can your skills or services be of benefit to others?
  3. Include a photo – Don’t miss a chance to engage with your contacts. It’s very difficult to form a strong connection with others on-line without your photo but keep it as professional as possible.
  4. Add links to websites, personal blogs or social media profiles – Give people all possible opportunities to find out more about your interests and current activities. They are much more likely to help you find relevant opportunities that way.
  5. Add in some brief information on your hobbies, keep it witty and inject your personality but never forget that, in contrast to Facebook, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool so whatever the messages on your profile – keep it professional!
  6. Ensure that your profile is 100% complete to help you rank higher at the top of any LinkedIn searches.
  7. Add relevant questions and post useful information and comments via LinkedIn Discussion Groups, which will help you enhance your profile and gain useful insight.
  8. Remember to always explain why you’re interested in connecting with a new contact, keeping it relevant and polite to develop meaningful relationships. You need genuine reasons to connect to others.
  9. Investigate LinkedIn company profiles to research a new company you are interested in connecting with and explain the value you could add to them clearly.
  10. If you’re proud of your profile, why not include LinkedIn on your email signature to encourage your target audience to take a peek.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool if your profile is well written and used wisely. Scrutinise you own profile and make sure it represents you at your best.

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