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The secrets of website content that makes the right impact

May 30, 2018

Great web content can really help your website come alive and is great for search engines, helping your website to be found by prospective customers. Introducing a blog or news section is recommended, as are links to social media content via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Always ensure that content is updated regularly, as well as being concise, easy to understand and able to strike a chord with your target audience. If your business expands or changes, make sure this is reflected in your on-page website content too.

In addition, every website is unique so of course, website copy should differ depending on your company values, products and services. Even if you’re offering a similar product or service to your competitors, you may seek inspiration from their websites but remember to keep your own website copy unique and not too similar to someone else’s – that’s good for your website, company image and search engine rankings! Google and other search engines also penalise duplicate content.

If you’re a new start-up business, it can be difficult to keep your website copy objective, interesting and meaningful. You need to put yourself in the mind of your customer and consider key messages, your business objectives and the tone of voice you need to get across (e.g. humorous, expert, professional etc.) Professionally written website content or web copy will attract people to your website and keep them there. Badly written content will soon get them visiting your competitor’s website instead.

Professionally written website content is not always easy to achieve or write yourself. The World Wide Web is full of examples of websites that get their content wrong! Or even if it’s too harsh to say the content is wrong, it’s certainly not as effective as it could be. That’s where a professional copywriter can help. With an objective mind and a wide variety of industry experience, a skilled copywriter perceives your business from the consumer’s point of view and is able to work with website owners to help them realise their on-line ambitions.

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