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Marketing materials

Despite the huge recent advances made in digital marketing, printed marketing material is where effective copy must meet great design. Printed marketing materials will always have their place in the marketing mix. Most people are visual, which is why an attractive piece of marketing that is professionally presented will always appeal to its audience.

Content marketing today can involve a wide variety of communications materials ranging from brochures, leaflets, white papers and e-books. Many of these materials require a ghost writer. Ghost writing is when a writer doesn’t declare their identity but writes on behalf of an organisation or individual.

Available for any type of ghost writing service, Ascent Writing takes all relevant factors into consideration. Are your existing marketing materials relevant, engaging, well-structured, accurate, proof-read and likely to have the impact you desire? This is what’s considered at consultation stage before the process of copywriting even begins. With great care and attention to detail, Ascent Writing will ensure that your marketing materials impress your target audience and deliver the right message.

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