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How your blog contributes to business growth

August 10, 2018


Many business or website owners struggle with the concept of writing and maintaining a blog but developing a great new blog is well worth the effort. Here’s how a blog can help you achieve business growth:

  • If you are serious about on-line marketing, blogs are an important way for you to maintain your visibility, credibility and enhance your reputation. For this reason, your blog articles will perfectly complement an on-line marketing strategy that involves a sensible approach to SEO and social media.
  • Like all effective marketing strategies, you need to stick with blogging to obtain the maximum benefits. This long-term marketing strategy will help you build followers and likes over time, which is why you should aim to blog at least once a week.
  • Interested in cross-selling to your existing client base? Why not refer them to a blog on your website that refers to a new service?

So how can you blog effectively?

  • Remember a blog should not exist to overtly sell your products and services. Always aim to provide interesting and informative content that will be of interest to the reader. The trick is to focus on the reader’s interests, not your own.
  • In a blog, you can provide more detail within your message than a simple tweet may allow. A blog is therefore a great opportunity to communicate marketplace changes, new business developments and the more complex elements of your service, using statistics and client examples to illustrate your points.
  • If you’re embarking on a weekly blog, devise an editorial calendar in advance. Plan the various topics you will write about each month, so that you’re blogging about relevant content and continuously revise this plan.

There is a knack to writing compelling headlines and structuring your blog in such a way that it maximises reader interest. You also need to be careful to keep the overall length to a minimum. A professional copywriter can advise you on all these points and can help your think of plenty of fresh content ideas for your blog.

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