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How to make any regular communications channel work successfully

August 3, 2018

newsletterAny newsletter, magazine, email campaign or on-going marketing effort a company decides to embark upon needs to be planned carefully to ensure success.

As well as ensuring excellent design, print and cost-effective distribution for any publication you develop, arguably the most important element of your communications channel is content. Here are some valuable tips to consider:

1.    Titles and lead stories are always key

The title of the publication and the articles within it must be catchy and be written to appeal to the target audience. The lead story, which is likely to be the lengthiest story, should be the one which is of most interest. To make a main feature appealing, try adding different elements. For example, a full feature should include some interesting quotes and some separate ‘fast facts’ related to the topic.

2.    Determine tone of voice right from the beginning

Friendly, professional, humorous….whatever you want the tone of voice for your publication to be, make sure you determine this before any article is even written. This will set the editorial style of your publication. Along with regular features, the right editorial style means that your readers can become familiar with your publication and be truly engaged by it. The objective is that they look forward to receiving every issue!

3.    Implement an editorial calendar

For any regular communications channel to work efficiently, each party involved in the production of your communications channel need to know where they stand. Working backwards from your distribution method, implement an editorial calendar that builds in enough time for copywriting, design, proof-reading and client approval.

4.    Ensure that all the elements work together

Great copywriting for your articles and features will only work as an overall marketing tool if it can be combined with high quality design, photography, distribution and printing. A failure in any of these elements will mean that your ‘packaged product’ will not have the impact it needs to. There needs to be an effective balance between overall word count for the articles and visual elements to make your communication easy on the eye. Too much text is a real turn-off.

5.    Monitor feedback and encourage interaction

Find ways to gain feedback on your new and improved communications channel and encourage reader interaction in any way you can, perhaps via social media channels. The feedback and ideas you gain should be considered by your editorial board, as these could represent valuable content ideas for the future.

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