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How copywriting and social media go hand in hand

September 8, 2018

social mediaYou may have read much on the Internet, from colleagues and from the business press about the importance of social media tools for businesses in these modern times. However, what’s perhaps not focused upon so heavily is the role of copywriting in effective on-line marketing and how your social media efforts can’t really thrive without it.

If one of the ways you are driving people to your website is through social media, are you confident about the content they will be exposed to when they get to your site? Your on-page content should be concise, punchy and composed around your key selling points and be written firmly with your reader in mind. It’s only once they’ve got to your site, that you can get your web visitors interested in your services and convince or persuade them to buy your products or services.

Therefore, all of your web copy needs to be up to scratch and suitably enticing. The exact same intent can be transferred to your blog. Blogs and social media channels go hand in hand. They offer some fresh, inspiring content that your web visitors (and search engines) like to see and offer the opportunity for social media tools to direct people to a very important place – your website, where you are eloquently expressing your views and opinions on topics that are related to your business via your blog or news section.

Although social media channels can signpost all types of web content, this exercise is fairly pointless if it can’t direct interest to interesting and relevant content on your own website. That’s where copywriting has a crucial role.

So next time you’re thinking about social media, remember its inseparable relationship to copywriting. After all, your target audience wants to know if you have a message that’s worth communicating.

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