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Get the right results when working with a copywriter

November 14, 2018

A huge part of the copywriting process is the communication that occurs before the copywriter ever puts pen to paper.

All good writing starts with a detailed brief and if required, research into the clients needs, market, industry and competitors. A copywriter’s job is all about asking the right questions. Questions the client may never have thought of, perhaps, to fully understand a client’s objectives, target market, brand values and the outcomes they wish to achieve with their marketing.

I recently worked with an education and training consultancy on their new brochure. As a new client, there was lots for me to learn about the business and how they help children and adults from deprived areas get back into education, employment or training – when they often lack the confidence to do so.

As well as understanding their client, a copywriter needs to place themselves in the shoes of the client’s customers too. Communications can never be effective if they don’t consider the wants, needs and motivations of the target audience.

The new brochure will stand the test of time for the education and training consultancy because time, care and attention were taken to get the messages exactly right.

Ensure any copywriter you work with asks the right questions. If they don’t, they may not understand your business enough to get the right results.

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