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Copywriting helps you beat the competition

September 14, 2018

We all know how competitive the business world can be, which is why it’s so important to differentiate your product and servicecompetition offering from those of your competitors. Standing out and being seen is about the message you communicate. So, even if you think your product or service is fairly similar to others, you must ensure the focus is on what makes you different in your marketing communications.

If you’re not sure of your unique selling point, a skilled copywriter can help you to identify it. That’s where the skills of a copywriter can be so essential. By asking the right questions, including the questions your potential customers will want answers to, a professional copywriter can use their creativity and business acumen to write copy that sets you apart from all the rest.

Whether a copywriter works on your brochure, LinkedIn profile, website, blogs or newsletter, by ensuring high quality, well written and well researched content, you will already have placed yourself at a competitive advantage. This is especially the case if your competitors are not paying as much care and attention as you to their content marketing.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s ultimately the quality and credibility of your message that will help you get past all the noise, enable your target audience to think about what you’re saying and start paying some serious attention.

It all begins in the briefing process, where a copywriter seeks to understand your business, products/services, motivations and target audience. Every copywriter is ultimately trying to find the ‘hook’. The hook will usually be the headline in any communication that reels the target audience in, persuades them or makes them think. Ultimately, you want your audience to agree with you and see the benefits of your products or service, not just the features.

A copywriter will be concise and will help shape the tone and high quality of your communications methods. After all, why should your potential customers listen to you if you can’t convince them that you have something of value to say? Competition dictates that the most well-articulated message will win the war.

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