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Calling all creative professionals – tell me your copy problems

October 22, 2018

problemsAs a Freelance Copywriter collaborating with web developers, SEO/social media companies and marketing agencies, I understand that quality content or copy (with the emphasis on quality) can be a real issue.

The top gripes seem to be copy that is not clear, too long, outdated or no longer relevant. Sometimes it may even be badly written and contain errors you wouldn’t want to see in print or on that slick new website you’ve designed.

Another gripe is the client who thinks they can do it themselves and wants to write the copy but maybe it’s not suitable. A client knows their own business, product or service extremely well but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they can be objective and place themselves in their client’s shoes. It’s to be anticipated that ‘home spun’ copy will not ‘sell’ their services and communicate benefits as well as they should be.

Yet another issue is non-delivery. You are promised good quality copy (perhaps by the client) but this copy is delayed, or even worse, it fails to materialise. Many times, it may not be at the top of their agenda or they become so busy that their writing just gets pushed way down the list; unwittingly stalling your project!

Also, do you feel forced to become a copywriter yourself when it’s just not within your skill set?

It’s these situations where an independent and professional freelance copywriter can really bring immense value and help your project come into successful fruition. Collaborating with a creative copywriter can often breathe fresh life into the project, whether that’s in regards to new ideas or more targeted messaging.

Have I covered all the copy problems you’ve experienced as creative professionals? There’s bound to be some I’ve missed out, so I would really like to hear from you on your own experiences. Get in touch via my social media channels or email:

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