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Why the best copywriting ideas work so well

February 1, 2019

Marketing is all about innovative, new ideas. For a copywriter, there's nothing better than variety and getting involved in interesting new projects. Those projects that help a company target its audience in a revolutionary way. I was recently fortunate enough to work on such a project. I was hired by an international company that produces radio control systems to write a children’s book that would appeal ...


Get the right results when working with a copywriter

November 14, 2018

A huge part of the copywriting process is the communication that occurs before the copywriter ever puts pen to paper. All good writing starts with a detailed brief and if required, research into the clients needs, market, industry and competitors. A copywriter’s job is all about asking the right questions. Questions the client may never have thought of, perhaps, to fully understand a client’s objectives, ...


Calling all creative professionals – tell me your copy problems

October 22, 2018

As a Freelance Copywriter collaborating with web developers, SEO/social media companies and marketing agencies, I understand that quality content or copy (with the emphasis on quality) can be a real issue. The top gripes seem to be copy that is not clear, too long, outdated or no longer relevant. Sometimes it may even be badly written and contain errors you wouldn’t want to see in ...


Copywriting helps you beat the competition

September 14, 2018

We all know how competitive the business world can be, which is why it’s so important to differentiate your product and service offering from those of your competitors. Standing out and being seen is about the message you communicate. So, even if you think your product or service is fairly similar to others, you must ensure the focus is on what makes you different in your ...


How copywriting and social media go hand in hand

September 8, 2018

You may have read much on the Internet, from colleagues and from the business press about the importance of social media tools for businesses in these modern times. However, what’s perhaps not focused upon so heavily is the role of copywriting in effective on-line marketing and how your social media efforts can’t really thrive without it. If one of the ways you are driving people ...


Are your press releases really hitting the mark?

August 17, 2018

Despite their efforts, some businesses struggle to get their press releases noticed by their targeted media outlets. Although there may be many reasons for this, the easiest aspect to get right should be the ability to write a truly effective press release. Whilst writing a press release is not as easy as it may seem for some people, following these top 5 tips will certainly ...


How your blog contributes to business growth

August 10, 2018

Many business or website owners struggle with the concept of writing and maintaining a blog but developing a great new blog is well worth the effort. Here’s how a blog can help you achieve business growth: If you are serious about on-line marketing, blogs are an important way for you to maintain your visibility, credibility and enhance your reputation. For this reason, your blog articles ...


How to make any regular communications channel work successfully

August 3, 2018

Any newsletter, magazine, email campaign or on-going marketing effort a company decides to embark upon needs to be planned carefully to ensure success. As well as ensuring excellent design, print and cost-effective distribution for any publication you develop, arguably the most important element of your communications channel is content. Here are some valuable tips to consider: 1.    Titles and lead stories are always key The title of ...


Top 10 copywriting tips for your LinkedIn profile

July 27, 2018

  LinkedIn is an excellent on-line networking tool for businesses and job seekers. However, you are limiting yourself on LinkedIn if you don’t understand how to write a great profile that will make you stand out. The top tips for profile writing and communication via LinkedIn are: Make sure that your headline is punchy and reflects what you do, career ambitions and most importantly, why people ...


Tender Writing Tips

May 30, 2018

As part of a series of blogs on tender writing or bid writing tips, let’s start at the beginning which is all about setting clear objectives for writing a winning proposal. Before you even start the process of bid writing, remember to choose your battles well – know your strengths and limitations. Have your thought about how likely you are to secure funding? When pondering ...


The secrets of website content that makes the right impact

May 30, 2018

Great web content can really help your website come alive and is great for search engines, helping your website to be found by prospective customers. Introducing a blog or news section is recommended, as are links to social media content via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Always ensure that content is updated regularly, as well as being concise, easy to understand and able to strike ...


SEO copywriting: why content not keywords are king

May 15, 2018

Creating compelling and useful content will influence your website more than anything else. Such content could be blog posts, social media services, email, forums, articles or guest posts. Organic or word-of-mouth ‘buzz’ and excitement is what helps build your website's reputation online both with users, search engines and social media networks. However, you can rarely achieve this without quality content. Although keywords are undoubtedly important, ...


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