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Bid writing, proposals and reports

If you’ve ever written a bid, proposal, tender or report, you know how important it is to get all the details right. Bid writing is far more than a tick box exercise. You also need to be well-organised to ensure a comprehensive bid is prepared within the deadlines set by funders. Funding organisations are looking for evidence of careful analysis and relevant, well-written information which is bespoke to the particular bid.

The results of a bidding exercise can have a major impact on commercial success and all efforts should be made to ensure you’re able to produce a ‘winning’ bid.

As a bid writing trainer, I also help senior education and public sector managers learn more about bid/tender writing and how they can improve their bid writing skills to generate funds into their organisations. As a result, delegates learn key skills and develop action plans that they can immediately act upon.

As CSCM Ltd found out when they hired Ascent Writing to write a 40 page proposal that resulted in them securing an extremely high value contract with a US medical company, specialist bid writing is the right approach to achieving contract wins.

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